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Jeff Knutson

I've been a card-carrying Vegan since 1994 and a culinary educator for Vegan Coach since 2013. I'm also a composer, pianist, and guitarist. I love learning from and getting to know vegans, new and old. I get a real kick out of helping others become creative, proficient, and joyful in the kitchen.

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About this course

If cooking without recipes intrigues you or it's something you've been interested in but you haven't quite figured out how to actually pull it off in your day-to-day life, then you're going to absolutely love the Freestyle Vegan Cooking Master Class.

It's important to learn the skills to master recipe-free cooking. Not only does this save you time (for example, no more painstakingly measuring out the exact ingredients a recipe calls for) but it's healthier too because you decide what ingredients go into your meals, not a recipe book. With freestyle cooking, you are also able to choose veggies that are in season and at their freshest while priced less than ingredients out of season. With this advantage plus cooking using ingredients from the bulk section rather than cans, you will also learn to save money with your grocery bills.

Freestyle Vegan Cooking Master Class features plenty of videos (well over 50) from the Cooking with Sass! video series that will demonstrate freestyle cooking over and over as you watch Sassy make numerous dishes from scratch. Each video begins with an inventory of what fresh foods we have on hand, and then she creates a fantastic meal before your eyes with no recipe at hand. These videos will demonstrate how FUN and EASY healthy vegan cooking can actually be.

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Jeff & Patty "Sassy" Knutson
Culinary Educators